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3rd Party Billing, Charge Disputes, Cancellations



To allow our customers to receive charges for other types of outsourced services on their phone bill, Taylor Telecom handles third party billing for a select group of telecommunications providers. Taylor receives billing details from these other providers, such as charges for collect calls, or voice mail service, and places them on your monthly bill.

While the charges may appear on your Taylor Telecom bill, it’s important to remember the charges are from other service providers. As such, we have no way of knowing the validity of the charges. In some cases the charges are being generated by clicking on a website link, merely reading an email or perhaps a computer virus. All the other provider needs is your phone number. Unfortunately, some charges are fraudulent. Please review you phone bill to ensure it does not contain unauthorized charges.

All questions on third party charges or requests for cancellation of third party services must be made to the company providing those services. The contact number for the provider’s customer service line is included on the bill page where the charge is listed. Taylor Telecom typically cannot inquire about the charges or make cancellation on behalf of customers; it must be questioned or reported by you.

If Taylor Telecom can assist you with questions or concerns, please call us at 1-800-238-4155 or 325-846-4111.