About Taylor Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

Historical Information

Taylor Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was formed in 1951. We provide service to approximately 7,668 access lines to 14 exchanges, covering a 2000 square mile area, including 14 cities and 9 counties.

Current Services
• Constructed 2,992 route miles of facilities.
• Offered one-party services since 1977.
• Offered tone dialing since 1982.
• Installed digital switches in 1982.
• Our affiliate company began providing cellular services in 1990 to 7 counties, and currently serves 5,500 customers.
• Installed fiber optic ring in 1994.
• Offered caller ID features since 1995.
• Offered toll free Internet service since June 1997.
• Our affiliate company became a member of a statewide fiber network – Texas Lone Star Network – in 1998 and provides part of an OC48 fiber backbone.
• Awarded $30,000 in rural scholarships in 2005 and a total of $300,000 from 1997 through 2005.


To provide high quality essential telecommunication services and enhanced services where justified, at a market comparable price, which enhances the quality of life and economic well being of our members and the communities we serve.