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Amazon’s New and Updated Devices for the Holidays


To kick off holiday shopping, Amazon recently unveiled new or updated devices including: a Kindle e-reader, Echo smart speakers, Ring and Blink security cameras, Fire TVs and accessories and Eero network hardware.


Kindle Scribe – The 10.2-inch 300 PPI device is the first to have writing capabilities. The basic or premium pen are incredibly precise and magnetically attach to the e-reader. You can read your favorite books and add handwritten sticky notes! You’ll can also write directly on PDF documents or use the device as a notepad. The $340 device ships November 30th.


Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) - The Echo Dot and Echo Dot with Clock deliver up to two times the bass of the 4th generation. It also has a new temperature sensor. Both devices also have new gesture controls and a new display. The coolest new feature is probably a built-in Eero, which turns your device into a WiFi extender to improve network coverage in your home. Eero built-in will also roll out to older 4th gen Echo Dots and Echo Dots with Clock in the next few months. The $50 devices will be released Oct. 20th.


Blink Wired Floodlight Camera – One of Blink’s most affordable additions, this camera allows you to select motion zones, offers 1080p live video and two-way audio. The Blink Mini Pan Tilt adds a motorized mount to the Blink Mini, offering 360-degree coverage of your space. The Wired Floodlight Camera is available for $99.99 with pre-orders in the coming months. You can pre-order the Pan Tilt with the Blink Mini for $59.99, or just the mount for $29.99.


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