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An Overview of Taylor Telecom’s Annual Meeting on September 29, 2022

Taylor Telecom has held its Annual Meeting for 66 years. As a cooperative, Taylor Telecom belongs to its members. Our business is operated to benefit the members rather than outside investors, so we meet every year and elect representatives to our Board of Directors.

In 2021, due to COVID-19, our Annual Meeting was turned into a drive-through meeting, and it was such a success that we decided to keep it again this year. Last year, we had more than 500 registered customers (members) come through the Annual Meeting.

What to Expect on September 29th

Members arrive at Taylor Telecom Area anytime within the drive-through window (11:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm).

  • The first tent you’ll see is registration. Please bring your mailed invitation with you so we can scan the barcode (or we can look you up if you’ve forgotten the invite). At the registration tent, everyone receives a voter's card.
  • The next station is the gift tent where everyone gets a gift bag with some nice giveaways. This is also where members receive the Manager’s report about the past year and the state of the cooperative.
  • Right beyond the gifts, you’ll see the grand prizes on display, such as a smart TV, a Blackstone griddle, a DeWalt toolkit, and more. At this tent, members drop the perforated portion from their invitation that has their information. This is your entry to win a grand prize; we’ll do the drawing the next day on Facebook live.
  • The member fills out the voter’s card to select a director for our Board of Directors and takes it to the voting tent to process it. Taylor will count the votes after the Annual Meeting and let our members know the election results.
  • Finally – and importantly! – cars will reach the final tent - the food This year we have delicious to-go lunches provided by The Shed.

About the Taylor Telecom Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is very important – it manages the business of the cooperative. This year, we wanted to single out and recognize Joreta Smith who has served on the Board of Directors since 1994 and is retiring. A huge thanks to her for her many years of service.

We can’t wait to see you at the 66th Annual Meeting!