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Kick Off 2022 with Enough Speed for All of your Connected Devices
Jan 10, 2022   01:18 PM

This time of year, many of us are lagging—dragging ourselves back to work but not quite ready for it, Christmas decorations still to take down, extra credit card bills to pay after the holidays… Don’t let your internet speed be part of the lag. Make sure you kick the year off right, with enough speed for all your devices.

In many homes, the holidays usually bring new devices. Exciting! New consoles for the gamers, new tablets and TVs for the streamers, new phones for the tweens. But more devices lead to lagging if you don’t have enough bandwidth.

It’s not just the newest devices that use up bandwidth. Think of the amount of learning from home and teleworking that’s been happening the past two years. Add that to the explosion of gadgets, and it’s gotten very busy! Think you don’t have very many? Count in your house:

  1. computers,
  2. connected TVs,
  3. tablets,
  4. smartphones,
  5. fitness trackers,
  6. connected thermostats and doorbells,
  7. video cameras, and…

…the list goes on! In fact, according to Deloitte[1], the average US household has 25 devices—all of which are connected to the internet and using up bandwidth.

Taylor Telecom has many options to get you into the right speed for your house. Our Accelerate package – 600 Mbps -- is great for most of our customers, but we have plenty of other packages as well! Call us today at 1-800-238-4155 to see if you are set up for the best internet in your home.

With fast, reliable internet, premium Wi-Fi, excellent customer support, and hometown techs, we are the community internet provider that brings you big-city speeds and features. Contact us to see how we can help you speed into 2022!


[1] https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/insights/industry/telecommunications/connectivity-mobile-trends-survey.html

Staying Safe Online
Dec 23, 2021   12:20 PM

Did you know:

  • People have on average 300 accounts.
  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.
  • Families are 30% more likely to fall victim to fraud than individuals.

Cybersecurity isn’t just an issue for large corporations - individuals are increasingly at risk for security breaches. We all know that staying safe online is important, but many people don’t know exactly what to do to keep safe, or are intimidated by the technology, or just don’t make the time. However, victims of hacking or identity theft will tell you that the amount of time spent to deal with that fallout is much greater. So what should you do to stay safe?

Staying Safe Online

  1. Protect your accounts.

First, keep your passwords difficult and secure. That means using unique passwords for every account you have.

Secondly, an important way to offer protection beyond passwords is to turn on two-factor authentication, a setting available on most online accounts. Two-factor authentication asks for a password, but also something else to authenticate that it’s you. You might be asked to enter a code sent via text or tap a button on a mobile app.

  1. Protect your devices.

First, always update your software.

  • Yes, we know it takes time, but when apps release software updates, that update almost always contains a security measure or patch for some vulnerability.
  • This includes operating software in addition to apps.

Second, use the free built-in security on computers, called OS Firewall.

  • Just turn it on in settings.
  1. Be Smart.

Be smart about what you click. Clickbait and phishing scams are more sophisticated than they used to be. You shouldn’t click links in emails or text messages unless they are from a trusted source. Even then, be careful since the message could be fake or your trusted source could have been hacked.

What can you do today?

It can feel overwhelming to start implementing better cybersecurity, but experts suggest that you just get started. Maybe you begin with adding two-factor authentication to all of your financial accounts, and you save the rest for the next day. Something is better than nothing -- so get moving today! 

TaylorTel has an internet security offering to protect your home network. Contact us and request the ProtectIQ product from Calix.






Did You Know You Live in a Smart Rural Community?
Nov 09, 2021   10:33 AM

There’s always a lot of talk about rural communities being “left behind”. That can be hard to hear since we all love rural Texas—otherwise, we wouldn’t live here! But we don’t want to be left behind; we want our families and neighbors to have the same access to all the benefits that residents of larger cities have. We want strong education, and we want good health options, and we want our Netflix! 

High-speed internet – also known as broadband – is one of the keys to keeping small-town America connected, enabling rural areas to partake in the strong economic development, education, and health care that more urban areas have. And Taylor Telecom has been working for decades to provide, improve, and expand those connection opportunities, including investing over $50 million in the past 5 years to expand our digital fiber network and connect thousands of rural Texas residents to fast fiber internet.

That’s why we’re so proud to be nationally recognized as a “Smart Rural Community” by NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association. “SRC” providers are those who enable the fast, reliable, and sustainable connectivity needed to thrive in an online world, especially as the demand for distance learning, telemedicine, and remote work grows.  

We’re all in this together to make our community “smarter”, better, and stronger. Taylor Telecom keeps laying fiber as fast as we can, and we now offer it to approximately 75% of our customers. It will take time for us to reach all of you, but we want to let you know we’re getting closer! 

Contact us at 800-238-4155 or info@taylortel.net to learn more about the speeds and options available to you. We truly appreciate your business.

Why Choose Fiber Internet? Because it’s the fastest, most reliable and future-proof internet.
Oct 12, 2021   10:03 AM

High-speed internet is a basic need - important for teleworking, school, telehealth and entertainment. Most of us don’t really care how we get our internet; we just need it. And we need it be fast, reliable, consistent and affordable. So when you hear about “fiber internet,” what does that really mean and why is it so great?

Fiber is a technology that is used to deliver internet – and of all the delivery choices, it is the best. It is fast, reliable, and the best investment for the future.

  • Fast. Simply put, it is the fastest. Unlike copper wires or cable, fiber is flexible, transparent and made of glass that transmits information via light rather than electricity. Fiber can send data at 70% the speed of light.
    • How fast is it? Taylor’s fiber speeds are 100 Mbps, 600 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps (that’s a gigabit). It would take you less than 10 seconds to download a two-hour movie with our gigabit service.
  • Reliable. Because fiber uses light rather than electricity, it is not affected by bad weather. Nor does distance have an impact on signal.
  • Future-proof and sustainable. Fiber will last the longest and will be able to satisfy user demand into the future. Once fiber is installed, it’s less costly to scale and maintain -- you can upgrade it without digging up the ground.
  • Symmetrical speeds (unlike other technologies). The upload speeds and download speeds are the same, so you won’t experience buffering during streaming or when uploading videos or pictures to social media accounts. Some internet providers have significantly slower upload speeds than download speeds.
  • You don’t have to share bandwidth. You can connect all your home’s devices via Wi-Fi without problem. Taylor’s network goes one step farther with Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) which delivers (you guessed it!) fiber all the way to your home. Other internet technologies may only deliver fiber to a point on your street or neighborhood, which means bottlenecks in the evenings because you are sharing a connection with your neighbors.
  • It’s good for property values. FTTH can raise a home’s value by 3%! Buyers are looking for broadband, especially fiber.

Taylor’s 100% fiber goal! You may be saying, “Sign me up!” Fiber construction projects can take significant time – to obtain funding, to plan and map out an area, and to do the fiber drops (which connects our fiber directly to your home). We have successfully deployed fiber internet to approximately 75% of our customers. While it is an extensive and costly undertaking, our goal is to deploy FTTH to all of our customers as soon as possible.








Streaming Entertainment: Your Fast Internet Lets You “Cut the Cord” and Save
Sep 20, 2021   03:18 PM

Fast internet, like Taylor Telecom offers, provides access to many advanced services such as quality video conferencing (Zoom, Facetime, and Teams), smart home technology, telehealth, and streaming video.

Streaming video provides a way to save money by eliminating your cable or satellite bill, simplifying your TV setup, and streaming your entertainment through the many on-demand services available today, such as Netflix. Along with Netflix, some of the most popular on-demand streaming services are Amazon Prime VideoDisney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV+. And there are thousands of others!

Cutting the Cord: Watch What You Want, When You Want

Last year alone, around six million households discontinued their TV (cable or satellite) provider – known as “cutting the cord”, according to eMarketer. Streaming consumption now accounts for 68% of TV viewing versus 28% for traditional TV viewing.[1] Streaming allows you to choose what to watch and when and where to watch it. Plus, many services offer unique and original content that you can’t get anywhere else.

Pro Tips[2] for Streaming Savings:

  • Try it free. Most streaming platforms offer free trials of a week up to a month so you can try it out before incurring a monthly charge. You could even binge watch that one show you’ve had your eye on and then cancel before you ever get billed.
  • Find the right price point. Streaming services offer multiple packages with varying prices. For example, Hulu offers several packages including one with no commercials.
  • Take advantage of bundles. Streaming platforms are also teaming up to lower costs, such as Disney+, which has partnered with ESPN+ and others to create bundles for viewers.

But I Need My Live TV!

  • You can watch local stations live by hooking up an over-the-air antenna. Network stations are free to watch; just purchase a good antenna.
  • Several streaming providers – such as Hulu and DIRECTV STREAM - have a subscription option that includes live TV. You'll be able to view the live TV channels in your area, live sports, live news, and view their streaming content.

Ready to Cut the Cord & Stream?

  1. Make sure you have a fast internet package! Contact Taylor if you need help or need to know the internet options in your area.
  2. Decide which device you’ll use to stream through your TV. Don’t have a Smart TV? No problem! You can still watch streaming services with a Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, and Apple TV.
  3. Pick your streaming provider and get started.



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