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Be Smart About Passwords

How many passwords do you think you have? Email, social media, banks, medical records, streaming services… they all pile up. One recent study showed we have on average 100 passwords! With that many rolling around, we all have some amount of cyber risk which includes getting an account hacked or our identity stolen. So how do we stay protected?

Use A Strong Password - While it is tempting to take the lazy approach and use names, birthdays, pets, or locations - don’t use them! Strong passwords contain a random combination of characters, symbols, or words, and some experts suggest using 16 characters or more.

Don’t Repeat Your Passwords - Using the same passwords for multiple accounts—we’ve all done it. Maybe you came up with two or three that are easy to remember but hard to guess. That may simplify your logons, but if you use the same password on multiple accounts and you are compromised, a cybercriminal will likely go from accessing one of your accounts to many of your accounts.

Data Breaches - “70% of people who had their passwords exposed in 2021 or in earlier years were still using the same credential pairs [combination of usernames and passwords].” Don’t be like them! If your logon information is exposed in a data breach, make sure to change your passwords and your usernames.

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Exposed? Sometimes, the company that experiences a data breach will notify you that your data has been compromised, so don’t ignore those notifications. Additionally, you can check Google’s Password Checkup, Mozilla's Firefox Monitor, or Have I Been Pwned.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication - Multi-factor authentication provides more than just one layer of security. Most often, it entails entering your password plus another step such as entering a text code to prove that it’s you. Set up this extra layer wherever you can.

What Else Can I Do? Taylor Telecom offers free internet security. All you need to do is download the Taylor Telecom app and register your router.⁠ Need help with that process? Watch our video on YouTube or call us at 325-846-4111.

For more tips, read Taylor Telecom’s blog on Staying Safe Online.