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Business Solutions

Taylor Business Solutions has all of the products that you need to help your growing business succeed. 


Call our offices today to speak with our Business Solutions Sales Specialist. We will schedule a time to meet with you, discuss your needs, and formulate a solution!  

325-846-4111  or info@taylortel.org



Microsoft Office365

With prices starting at $5/mo for Business Essentials and $8/mo for Enterprise Essentials - why wait?   

When you order Office 365 through Taylor Telecom, you get the exact same products that you would if you had ordered direct from Microsoft. The only benefit to ordering through Taylor Telecom is that you can add it to your monthly bill and make one payment. You can add or remove users at any time! Plus you get the support you've come to know and love from Taylor Telecom! 

** No need to schedule an appointment! We can have you up and going in about 1 business day! **



Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery

Do you have business critical data, but no offsite storage?  We can fix that! We have backup storage sites in several sites across the US.  


Minimum storage starts at 500GB, but can go to over 5,000TB (Terabyte - or 1000+ gigabytes).  It is completely scalable to your business (or even personal) needs. 


Your data is a priceless asset - and cloud storage is a safe, completly secure, and affordable option. 



Hosted Services

We have access to provide cloud hosted servers that are 1 of only 5 FBI Compliant facilities.  For local and state governement offices, along with police, sheriff, and other public offices, this is the perfect solution for you!  



Dedicated Hosting

Are you a business that needs servers to run your opperating software, but you dont want to invest and maintain onsite servers?  We can help with that.  We will work with you to provide dedicated server hosting based on your needs.