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Call Before You Dig!

 Call Texas811


Thinking about getting started on a new outdoor project? Whether it is something as small as planting a tree or as big as a home improvement project, it is important to know that utility lines may be in the ground below before you start digging. Remember to call Texas811 at 1-800-344-8377 or dial 811,  at least two business days before you dig or drill on your property to get publicly owned underground utility lines marked for free!

Texas811 will alert the affected utility companies, who then dispatch a professional to mark the underground lines. Multiple line locators may come to the digging site, depending on the utilities located there. Just because you have seen one mark on the ground doesn’t necessarily mean that all utilities have been located. If you are unsure if all utility locators have been to the site, call Texas811 to verify.

Remember, having the lines located BEFORE you dig or drill is the law and will help protect you from potential injury, fines, and repair costs. Every 60 seconds, an underground utility is hit in the United States, and in 37% of all digging incidents reported in 2008, no notification was made to Texas811 or another appropriate call center.