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Premium Wifi and Whole Home Wifi! 

When you order Premium or Whole Home Wifi now, you'll receive free activation and installation - That's a $50.00 value!

Taylor Telecom is proud to offer the best, and newest, in technology with our partnership with Netgear(R).

Premium Wifi allows you control and manage your home's internet network, all for $10/mo.  When you add Whole Home Wifi to your Premium Wifi subscription, you'll also get Wifi to every corner of your home, for $7/mo/device. 


With Premium Wifi, you'll receive the following for free:

- Free onsite technician visits, if needed

- Taylor will maintain your equipment for free**

- You have control of your Wifi network

- Control which devices you allow on the internet

- Run speed tests through the app

- Basic filtering of websites and apps

- You can Pause the internet connection for all devices

- View basic website and app history

- Block ads 

- Set up profiles for all memebers of your family


You can also upgrade your CIRCLE by Disney app and receive these additional features.*

- Advanced filtering options

- Set time limits - both overall and by specific websites or apps

- Set a bedtime

- Set specific 'offtime' hours

- Give rewards of additional internet time

- View usage details by site or app

 *CIRCLE by Disney is a 3rd party app, and has no affiliation with Taylor Telecom. CIRCLE Premium requires in app upgrade, and is currently $4.99/month.  https://www.netgear.com/landings/circle/


When you add Whole Home Wifi, the following is included:

 - Everything that comes with Premium Wifi

- Solid Wifi connection in every inch in your home*

*This may require more than one extender unit to achieve full coverage everywhere. Each extender unit is an additional $7/mo. 




** Taylor Telecom will replace, free of charge, any equipment that becomes inopperable due to normal wear and tear or damange caused by lightning.  Any other damages, including liquid damange, the customer wil have to purchase the equipment at retail price.