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Frequently Asked Questions

How much bandwidth do devices require?

Below is an example of commonly used items in your home.  Please note these are likely to change as technology improves.

Internet for the way you live - Instantly connect your home

1 Mbps - Stream soothing music as you settle in for the night

5 Mpbs - Never miss a minute of the action from the comfort of your couch

6 Mpbs - Master the kitchen by watching how to cooking videos

8 Mpbs - Stream your favorite shows no matter where you are in your home

10 Mpbs - Save the princess, battle the dragon and power up against other online gamers

12 Mpbs - Keep your smart appliances running smoothly with Bluetooth




Your new speeds: what to expect!

Delivering the best speeds possible.

Thank you for ordering service from Taylor Telecom - we are excited to welcome you to the family and provide you the best service possible.

As you begin using your service, we wanted to let you know that - while we are delivering the speed you ordered to your home - certain devices may not be capable of the maximum speeds when running a single speed test. For example, you may have our 500M service, and you can rest assured that we are delivering 500M to your home. But your laptop may not be able to accept a speed faster than 233M, for instance, so if you run a test you may wonder why your speed seems lower. Also, remember that your overall speed on a single device is also affected by other devices in the house that use your available bandwidth, including other computers, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, and other connected devices and appliances. Don't worry - you are receiving the reliable speed you deserve and expect.

Thank you for choosing Taylor Telecom!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Why do I need fiber?
  • Fiber is a reliable, high quality connection
  • Choose enough bandwidth to connect all your devices to WiFi
  • Faster connection speeds
  • Improved productivity
  • Unlimited Internet usage (no data caps)
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Less vulnerability to glitches or interferences - even from weather!
  • Clearer phone conversations (including reliable access to 911)
  • Secure voice and data transmissions
  • Increased property values*
  • *Acccording to a study by RVA and Associates surveying homebuyers and developers, fiber on average adds about $5000.00 to the price of a home.
What can you expect in the construction process?

1.  Taylor Telecom will first install the main fiber lines along the roadway. Think of this as the 'main     pipeline'.

2. Once the main line is installed we will begin contacting you for your permission to install a smaller fiber line to your house.

First, we will bury the fiber (through your yard) - connecting your house to the main fiber line. (This is done with minimal disturbance to your yard and you do not have to be home for this).

Second, we will schedule a time that is convenient for you to be home so that we can complete the installation of equipment inside of your home.

3. After the equipment is installed at your home, you can start taking advantage of much higher speed Internet! You'll be amazed at how fast files, movies, music, and other items important to you, will download.  If you work from home or are a gamer, you'll be even more impressed by how much more you are able to get done in a shorter amount of time! 

Fiber Construction Questions

Q: Do I have to be home when you install the fiber?

A: There a 2 parts to the installation.  The first part which involves burying the fiber line to your home - No, you do not have to be home. We will be able to instsall it across your yard without you needing to take time off from work.  The second part of the installation process - Yes, you will need to be home. We will work with you to coordinate a time that we can install the rest of the required equipment inside of your home.

Q: Will you did up my yard:

A: Becuase Taylor Telecom buries the fiber line in order to protect the cable from weather and accidental cuts thqat can occur when it si installed aerially (or overheqad - similar to electric lines), yes, we will need to trench through your yard,  We make every attempt to be as neat and cleann as we can be, and try to leave your yard in the same condition it was in before construction occurreed.

Q: Will my service be interrupted:

A: Because we do ot disconnect your old copper wiring until the fiber installataion is completed (equipment installed inside of your home), you should not experience any service interruption. When we install the equipment inside of your home, you will experience a very short outage while we change out the equipoment, however you will be home when this occurs.

Q: Will my phone service change?

A: With fiber, you should see (or hear) the quality difference. Fiber provides a crystal clerar quality, with little to no interference - which you may have experienced on copper.  Additionally, you are able to use the same telephone equipment that you currently have.  So there's no new equipment that you will need to purchase or install.

Q: Will there be any change to my Internet Service:

A: With fiber, you are able to get much faster speeds (typically 100x faster than most current copper speeds). Taylor Telecom currently offers speeds up to 1 gigabit (or 1000 megabits). If you are looking at making the most of your new fiber connections, call our offices at 846-4111 for current offers and to get signed up.