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Kick Off 2022 with Enough Speed for All of your Connected Devices

This time of year, many of us are lagging—dragging ourselves back to work but not quite ready for it, Christmas decorations still to take down, extra credit card bills to pay after the holidays… Don’t let your internet speed be part of the lag. Make sure you kick the year off right, with enough speed for all your devices.

In many homes, the holidays usually bring new devices. Exciting! New consoles for the gamers, new tablets and TVs for the streamers, new phones for the tweens. But more devices lead to lagging if you don’t have enough bandwidth.

It’s not just the newest devices that use up bandwidth. Think of the amount of learning from home and teleworking that’s been happening the past two years. Add that to the explosion of gadgets, and it’s gotten very busy! Think you don’t have very many? Count in your house:

  1. computers,
  2. connected TVs,
  3. tablets,
  4. smartphones,
  5. fitness trackers,
  6. connected thermostats and doorbells,
  7. video cameras, and…

…the list goes on! In fact, according to Deloitte[1], the average US household has 25 devices—all of which are connected to the internet and using up bandwidth.

Taylor Telecom has many options to get you into the right speed for your house. Our Accelerate package – 600 Mbps -- is great for most of our customers, but we have plenty of other packages as well! Call us today at 1-800-238-4155 to see if you are set up for the best internet in your home.

With fast, reliable internet, premium Wi-Fi, excellent customer support, and hometown techs, we are the community internet provider that brings you big-city speeds and features. Contact us to see how we can help you speed into 2022!


[1] https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/insights/industry/telecommunications/connectivity-mobile-trends-survey.html