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macOS Sonoma Features

macOS Sonoma is the latest version of Apple's Mac operating system. It introduces several new features and enhancements. macOS Sonoma is the latest major release of macOS, Apple's operating system for Macintosh computers. The successor to macOS Ventura, it was released on September 26, 2023. Following below are some of the notable features of macOS Sonoma.

Interactive Desktop Widgets: macOS Sonoma introduces interactive desktop widgets that fade into the background when not in use, allowing you to focus on the active app or window. All you have to do is right-click with your mouse or double-click your trackpad on your desktop and a menu will pop out. You can select Edit Widgets and a widget menu will appear for a variety of applications.

Web Apps: With macOS Sonoma, you can now access web apps directly from your desktop, providing a seamless experience between native and web applications.

New Videoconferencing Features: macOS Sonoma brings updated videoconferencing features, enhancing your experience during video calls. Presenter Overlay, a new video effect, elevates a user’s presence by displaying them on top of the content they are sharing. Additionally, Reactions allow users to share how they feel by seamlessly adding balloons, confetti, hearts, and more into the video, which can also be triggered with a hand gesture.

Enhancements to Safari: macOS Sonoma includes enhancements to Safari, Apple's web browser. These enhancements may include features like Safari profiles, Safari web apps, and improved password and passkey sharing. Private Browsing provides even greater protection during browsing both from trackers and from people who might have access to the user’s device. Profiles help users stay organized by offering a way to separate browsing between topics, while also keeping cookies, history, extensions, Tab Groups, and Favorites separate.

Shortcuts Widget: macOS Sonoma introduces the Shortcuts widget, allowing you to run shortcuts from your Mac.

Improved Connectivity with iPhone: macOS Sonoma features enhancements that bridge the gap between your Mac and iPhone, making them feel more connected than ever.

It's worth mentioning that macOS Sonoma is a free update for Apple hardware, but older devices might not be supported. To check if your Mac is compatible with macOS Sonoma, you can go to the Apple menu, click on "About This Mac," and check the list of supported models. Overall, macOS Sonoma aims to enhance productivity, creativity, and connectivity for Mac users.