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Maintenance Windows: What’s The Deal? Usually, They Mean Updates and Improvements Coming Your Way

If you follow Taylor Telecom on social media, you may have seen one of our “maintenance window” notifications and wondered what exactly that means.


Periodically, Taylor Telecom’s network needs to undergo maintenance. Our technicians work as quickly as possible to ensure that, if you experience any disruption to your service, it is brief. We usually schedule the maintenance between midnight and 2 AM so as to disrupt as few customers as possible.


With proactive maintenance, Taylor IT staff can identify and troubleshoot any network issues before they cause a problem; keep hardware and software up to date; and predict and prevent future issues. Infrequently, the maintenance is to fix an unpreventable issue; for example, Taylor experienced a fiber cut in April and needed to fix it right away. However, most often, we are trying to stay ahead of the game and anticipate any future problems before they even arise.


Taylor Telecom is pleased to bring you updates and improvements including:

  • We added new customer Calix routers with new features -- parental controls and internet security-- as well as Wi-Fi 6.
  • We introduced two new customer apps – the “Taylor Telecom” app for the Calix routers and the “Ebill” app (labeled as “Innovative systems LLC, ebill").
  • We are currently installing a new voice switch,
  • We are upgrading our data network to provide more data throughout,
  • We are currently upgrading Eula and Denton Valley with fiber, and
  • We will soon start upgrading Oak Creek Lake and all of Hawley area with fiber.


Rest assured that Taylor’s network is robust, fast and reliable. And if you are one of our night owl customers, please accept Taylor’s apologies if you’ve experienced interrupted streaming or gaming. We are being proactive to make your network experience better in the future.