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Most Popular Streaming Services, Shows and Movies

What is the #1 movie on Netflix? What show is topping Hulu? Does your favorite binge series fall in the top 10? If you are interested in learning the top streaming movies and TV shows, check out FlixPatrol's running list. This site lists the top 10 each day by streaming service. Be sure to click on the title detail for more streaming analytics.

Beyond individual movies or shows, you may be wondering what the best or most popular streaming service is. Tom’s Guide has an answer for you. They’ve put HBO Max at the top of their list (for now!), but you’ll want to look at their full rankings, reasons to buy, and reasons to avoid before you make your own decisions.

Don’t forget that fast internet, like Taylor Telecom’s, is the key to accessing streaming video. Besides giving us something to do while sitting on the couch, streaming video provides a way to save money by eliminating your cable or satellite bill, simplifying your TV setup, and streaming your entertainment through the many on-demand services available today, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple TV+. Want to know more about ditching cable to save money? Read our blog about cutting the cord.

And no matter what you’re watching, make sure you have a fast internet plan! Contact Taylor at 325-846-4111 if you need help or to explore the internet options in your neighborhood.