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Staying Safe Online

Did you know:

  • People have on average 300 accounts.
  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.
  • Families are 30% more likely to fall victim to fraud than individuals.

Cybersecurity isn’t just an issue for large corporations - individuals are increasingly at risk for security breaches. We all know that staying safe online is important, but many people don’t know exactly what to do to keep safe, or are intimidated by the technology, or just don’t make the time. However, victims of hacking or identity theft will tell you that the amount of time spent to deal with that fallout is much greater. So what should you do to stay safe?

Staying Safe Online

  1. Protect your accounts.

First, keep your passwords difficult and secure. That means using unique passwords for every account you have.

Secondly, an important way to offer protection beyond passwords is to turn on two-factor authentication, a setting available on most online accounts. Two-factor authentication asks for a password, but also something else to authenticate that it’s you. You might be asked to enter a code sent via text or tap a button on a mobile app.

  1. Protect your devices.

First, always update your software.

  • Yes, we know it takes time, but when apps release software updates, that update almost always contains a security measure or patch for some vulnerability.
  • This includes operating software in addition to apps.

Second, use the free built-in security on computers, called OS Firewall.

  • Just turn it on in settings.
  1. Be Smart.

Be smart about what you click. Clickbait and phishing scams are more sophisticated than they used to be. You shouldn’t click links in emails or text messages unless they are from a trusted source. Even then, be careful since the message could be fake or your trusted source could have been hacked.

What can you do today?

It can feel overwhelming to start implementing better cybersecurity, but experts suggest that you just get started. Maybe you begin with adding two-factor authentication to all of your financial accounts, and you save the rest for the next day. Something is better than nothing -- so get moving today! 

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