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Taylor Telecom Fiber - Backup


With Taylor Telecom Fiber, Enjoy 

A reliable, high quality connection

Choose enough bandwidth to connect all your devices to WiFi

Faster connection speeds

Improved productivity

Unlimited Internet usage (no data caps!)

A future-proofed home for technology

Virtually no maintenance

Less vulnerability to glitches or interference-even from weather!

Clearer phone conversations (including reliable access to 911)

Secure voice and data transmissions

Increased property values*

*According to a study by RVA and Associates surveying homebuyers and developers, fiber on average adds about $5000.00 to the price of a home.

*For Business Rates please call customer service at 325 846-4111.


Residential & Basic Business


Turbo (1GIG/1GIG)


Accelerate (600M/600M)


Cruise (100M/100M)



Maximum Speed Obtainable



Internet Contract Discounts

1 YR Contract

2 YR Contract


$500 Off

$1000 Off


$500 Off

$1000 Off


$500 Off

$1000 Off

Max Copper

$200 Off $500 Off
Equipment/Other Items


Internet Support



Internet Router - Leased



Internet Router - Purchase

Pricing Varies


Parental Control 

$300 /mo

Internet Security 


-Installation fee of $50.00 per unit may apply.

-Application fee $25

*Free technician site visits

** Free replacement of modem/router under normal conditions.  Does not cover liquid damage, abuse, neglect, or improper maintenance of the modem/router. Up to 1 free replacement per 12 months.