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Tech For Your Furry Friends

“More and more, pet owners are focused on going above and beyond the bare necessities to ensure that their dog lives a happy life. IoT [the internet of things] can make this easier.”[i]

Have you ever wondered what Scout is doing while you are at work? Are you worried that Whiskers doesn’t have enough water to drink until the cat sitter comes? Is Milo an escape artist or a runner? The Pet Tech market has people like you in mind.

IoT (the “Internet of Things” is a category that covers all smart household tech) devices continue to grow in interesting new areas, and pets have not been left out of the mix. From camera/video systems to tracking collars to treat dispensers, pet owners are increasingly spending on the health and well-being of their pets. That’s not much of a surprise -- many humans think of their animals as an extension of their family.

What types of devices are available for my animals?

  • Safety and health are top concerns. Trackers on dog collars use GPS to follow your dog’s location. If a dog were to escape, he would be trackable because the tracker sends a notice to your app if the pet has left pre-defined zones.

Additionally, some dogs are running for exercise! Some tech can monitor activity for fitness, as well as monitor activities such as scratching, drinking and sleeping so it can alert you when the pet is off track from its normal routine.

Two examples are Whistle and Fitbark, both of which are not only location trackers, but also fitness trackers. Note that trackers should not replace microchips, which are important to keeping pets safe.

  • Engagement/entertainment is another category. Some of us worry about our pets being home alone, perhaps because we don’t want them to be lonely, or because we think they will get into mischief. Two-way cameras and talking or app-controlled toys allow pet “parents” to watch what their pets are doing, speak with them, play with them remotely, and even distribute treats. Furbo is a popular example of a camera that’s available.
  • Convenience is important to owners so that their pets can have Automatic feeders, waterers, and litter boxes take care of your pets when you’re away for some time. Smart pet doors let the pets get in and out of the house via a special collar. If your pet’s autonomy is important to you, take a look at products such as Catit Smart Fountain or Wayzn Smart Pet Door.

One more thing for us humans to consider: each piece of smart tech requires internet - so make sure you have enough bandwidth to keep up with them! To speed up your internet, contact Taylor Telecom today to find the right package for everyone in your household – human, canine and feline!

Please note the links in this article do not constitute Taylor Telecom recommendations but are simply examples of IoT tech that is available.






[i] https://www.iotforall.com/iot-products-for-puppies