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Welcome to Taylor Telecom

Welcome to Taylor Telecom

Welcome to the family! We are thrilled to have you as a customer of Taylor Telecom, and we appreciate your business.

Since 1951, when Taylor Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was formed, our mission has been simple: "To provide high quality essential telecommuncation services and enhanced services where justified, at a market comparable price, which enhances the quality of life and economic well being of our customers and the communities we serve." To put it simply, Taylor exists to make your life better. It's our privilege to provde the services that keep your life connected.

As a Cooperative, Taylor Telecom is your company. We are driven to serve you because you are a stake holder in our success. While we serve your day-to day needs, we are also imagining what will improve your life in the future. When problems arise, we address them quickly and efficiently.  You depend on us; there's no greater honor for us as a company.

Thank you for being a Taylor Telecom customer, and here's to a long future together.

Steve Singletary

General Manger/CEO