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Why Choose Fiber Internet? Because it’s the fastest, most reliable and future-proof internet.

High-speed internet is a basic need - important for teleworking, school, telehealth and entertainment. Most of us don’t really care how we get our internet; we just need it. And we need it be fast, reliable, consistent and affordable. So when you hear about “fiber internet,” what does that really mean and why is it so great?

Fiber is a technology that is used to deliver internet – and of all the delivery choices, it is the best. It is fast, reliable, and the best investment for the future.

  • Fast. Simply put, it is the fastest. Unlike copper wires or cable, fiber is flexible, transparent and made of glass that transmits information via light rather than electricity. Fiber can send data at 70% the speed of light.
    • How fast is it? Taylor’s fiber speeds are 100 Mbps, 600 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps (that’s a gigabit). It would take you less than 10 seconds to download a two-hour movie with our gigabit service.
  • Reliable. Because fiber uses light rather than electricity, it is not affected by bad weather. Nor does distance have an impact on signal.
  • Future-proof and sustainable. Fiber will last the longest and will be able to satisfy user demand into the future. Once fiber is installed, it’s less costly to scale and maintain -- you can upgrade it without digging up the ground.
  • Symmetrical speeds (unlike other technologies). The upload speeds and download speeds are the same, so you won’t experience buffering during streaming or when uploading videos or pictures to social media accounts. Some internet providers have significantly slower upload speeds than download speeds.
  • You don’t have to share bandwidth. You can connect all your home’s devices via Wi-Fi without problem. Taylor’s network goes one step farther with Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) which delivers (you guessed it!) fiber all the way to your home. Other internet technologies may only deliver fiber to a point on your street or neighborhood, which means bottlenecks in the evenings because you are sharing a connection with your neighbors.
  • It’s good for property values. FTTH can raise a home’s value by 3%! Buyers are looking for broadband, especially fiber.

Taylor’s 100% fiber goal! You may be saying, “Sign me up!” Fiber construction projects can take significant time – to obtain funding, to plan and map out an area, and to do the fiber drops (which connects our fiber directly to your home). We have successfully deployed fiber internet to approximately 75% of our customers. While it is an extensive and costly undertaking, our goal is to deploy FTTH to all of our customers as soon as possible.